Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new upload: Forever Floating

The sample of a Horn player hitting the bell of his instrument transformed into a strange texture with Metasynth is used in Channel A in Granula mode, processed by a LPF Filter, it's Feedback modulated by a Ringmodulator. Determine the sample speed with Macro 2, control the LPF Cutoff with Macro 5 and Filter Feedback/Resonance with Macro 6. Channel B plays a synthetic wave made from another imported Metasynth sample, processed by a Bandpass filter and a Frequency Shifter. Control the Bandpass Resonance with Macro 7 and the pitch of the Freq Shifter with Macro 8. Both Channels have their Volumes assigned to a Macro (3+4). A Notch and a Cloudfilter in the Master section add more flavour to the sound, control the Cloudfilter's Balance with the Modwheel. The speed of all active LFOs is controllable with Macro 1. The Aetherizer in the FX section can be tweaked with Macros 9-12. Please check the envelope and LFO page for further modulation sources and targets.

get it here

Sunday, February 13, 2011

new upload: Triplet Synth

This patch is a triplet based sequence good for bass lines and chords. Oscilator A and B run in FM mode, their volumes sequenced with envelopes in retrigger mode, Osc B tuned up an octave with some envelope controlled pitch modulation. The sequence of Osc B is slightly shifted to create offbeats. Both Oscillators are processed with a Waveshaper and a Frequency Shifter. Control the Frequency Shift with Macro 5 which is inverted for Channel B. The volumes of Channel A+B are assigned to Macros 2+3. Channel C, it's volume assigned to the Modwheel, adds a metallic woodpecker-like sequence in double time. In the Master section a Notch and a LPF 8 Pole Filter process the signal furtherly, Macros 6-8 are assigned to Notch Resonance, LPF Cutoff and LPF Resonance. Some temposynced Delays in the FX section are controllable with Macros 9+10. Please check the envelope and LFO page for further modulation sources and targets.


Friday, February 4, 2011

New scheme on

Today I changed the scheme for
Instead of an obligatory donation it now runs on an unlimited subscription scheme. For 20 Euros you will get access to 91 currently available Absynth 5 patches as well as all the patches I will create and post in the future. All Absynth 4 patches remain as donationware.
All donators to this date will not be affected by this change in any way.