Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new upload: More Light

A sample made with Reaktor and Aether Reverb, processed in Metasynth and then furtherly processed with Shimmer Reverb is used in Channel A running in Granular Mode, sample playhead position and speed controlled by a looped envelope. A Lowpass Filter porcesses that sample, control the Cutoff with Macro 5. Osc 2 runs in FM Mode, the main wave is morphed by a LFO, the FM Modulator carries a resynthed wave imported from another Metasynth sample. A LPF 8 Pole Filter with ringmodulated Feedback processes that wave before it hits a Cloudfilter, control the RM pitch with Macro 6. Osc C runs in Double Mode processed by a Waveshaper and an envelope controlled Bandpass Filter, the envelope's breakpoints are velocity sensitive. In the Master section a Ringmodulator controllable with Macros 8+12 and a Highpass Filter controllable with Macro 7 process the signal furtherly before it reaches the Aetherizer. The dry signal amount is controlled by a temposynced envelope which you can activate by turning Macro 4 all the way down. You can turn the Aetherizer's pitch up 2 octaves with Macro 10 and add some detuning with Macro 11. The individual levels of the different channels are controllable with Macros 1-3, the Modwheel adds pitch modulation. Please check the envelope and LFO section for further modulation sources and targets.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

new upload: Female Meta Vox

A recording of female overtone singing from a recent theatre project processed in Metasynth, stretching the sound and enhancing the spectral movements. Two samples with different methods of processing were made out of this orgonal recording. Osc A holds the less spacious sample, Osc B uses a wider, more stretched sample. Both Oscillators run in Granular mode, control the Sample Speed with Macros 1+2 and the Random Grain Freq with Macros 3+4. Both Channels have a Ringmodulator and a LFO-controlled Notch Filter applied, the Modwheel controls the Notch resonance. Control the Ringmod Balance with Macros 5+7 and the RM pitch with Macros 6+8. A Supercomb in the Master section adds distorterd weirdness, control the weirdness Balance with Macro 11 and it's pitch with Macro 12. A Lowpass Filter (which is also sensitive to velocity) processes the signal furtherly, control the LP Cutoff with Macro 15 and the LP resonance with Macro 16. The Aetherizer in the FX section can be controlled with Macros 9+10.

new upload: Flanged Space

Rich cinematic Soundscape

Osc A carries a sample I made with Metasynth. It is processed by a Highpass Filter, control the HP Cutoff with Macro 5 and it's resonance with Macro 6. A Freq Shifter processes the signal furtherly, control it's Frequency with Macro 7. Osc B in Sync Granular mode carries resynthed waveform created by importing the same sample into Absynth. A LFO-controlled Allpass 8 Filter and a LFO-morphed Freq Shifter process this waveform. Osc C in Double Mode adds a temosynced pulsating wave, processed by a Lowpass Filter and a Ringmodulator. Control the Ringmod Balance with Macro 3 and the RM Pitch with Macro 4. The individual Volumes of Channel B and C can be controlled with Macros 2 and 14. Macro 8 adds a random pitch modulation to Channels B+C. A Waveshaper and a Cloudfilter are active in the Master Section, the Cloudfilter's Balance is controllable with the Modwheel. the Cloud's Random Pitch Modulation with Macro 1. The Resonators in the FX Section have Macros 9-12 assigned. Please check the LFO and envelope pages for further modulation sources and targets.