Monday, November 30, 2009

new uploads: Creatures and Rising Combs

Absynth 5 only - filesize 35,3 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and two samples (wav/48khz/24 Bit)
Oscillator A carries a sample of birds at dawn which I recorded last summer. Osc B carries a sample of talking robot tones which I produced with Synplant. Both Oscillators play in granular mode, sample playhead positions are controlled by envelopes, you can control their speed with the assigned Macros as well as the volume of each creature. Those samples are then processed with nasty Waveshapers, amount of distortion can be controlled by Macros. Add warped space created by a cloud filter in the Master section with the Macro and add ghostly sounds created by the Aetherizer with the Modwheel. The pitch of the ghost sounds can also be controlled with a Macro. If you want to reduce High Frequencies tweak the assigned Macro for Master Filter LP Cutoff. Happy Nightmares!

Rising Combs:
Absynth 5 only - filesize 4 KB - zip folder contains the ksd - no samples used
Channels A+B create the temposynced rising combfilter sequence, Channel C adds a metallic Pulsation controlled by a temposynced LFO. You can control the Rise speed, Combfilter Feedback of Channel C and much more, just check the Macro page.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

new upload: Combchords Chimes

Absynth 5 only - filesize 11,4 KB - zip folder contains the ksd - sample is located in the Factory Library
A guitar string sample from the Factory Library run through 2 Combfilters differently tuned and a Supercomb in the Master section with it's resonance assigned to the Modwheel so you will only hear it when the Modwheel is almost fully up. You can tune the pitch of the Mastercomb with a Macro as you will hear in the MP3 Demo 2. Channel B is slightly detuned to Channel A both channels panned hard left/right. More pitch modulation can be added with the assigned Macro. If you want to reduce low frequencies use the Macro assigned to the Cutoff of the Hipass Filter in the Master section.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

new upload: Singing Feedbacks Pad

Absynth 5 only - filesize 4,8 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (mono/wav/48khz/24 Bit)
Huge pad processing a sample in granular mode which I made with Acoustic Feedback the sample playhead position controlled by a temposynced envelope, envelope speed can be controlled by a Macro. Osc A and C carry that sample, Osc C an octave higher and reversed, Volume of Channel C is controlled by the Modwheel. Waveshapers and Cloudfilters are furtherly processing that sample and the morphing Ringmodulator in the Master section adds more weirdness. Osc B in LFO-controlled Dual mode with 2 self drawn waves running through a morphing Allpass 8 Filter adds synthetic components to the patch, the Aetherizer adds a huge morphing space. Check the Macro page for more Controllers.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

new upload: Feedbackscape

Absynth 5 only - filesize 4,7 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and three samples (wav/48khz/24 Bit)
Three samples I made with Acoustic Feedback by Softtube in granular mode, playhead position controlled by looped envelopes. The volume of each feedback sound is controllable via a Macro. If you want to reduce low frequencies adjust the Macro for the Hipass Cutoff Frequency. Modwheel adds Pitch Modulation controlled by a square wave, LFO speed is adjustable via the assigned Macro. Master Cloudfilter Balance and Lowpass Frequency for Osc B are also tweakable via Macros.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

new upload: Chaser

Absynth 5 only - filesize 3,2 KB - zip folder contains the ksd - no samples used
Three temposynced sequences vamping between Cm7 and Fmj7 (if you play a C that is) chasing each other played by three FM Oscillators. Carrier - Modulator Balance and Modulator wave morphing are controlled by temposynced LFOs. The Modwheel adds a Cloudfilter tuned a fifth higher, it's filter spectrum controlled by an envelope. Control the Master Cutoff LP Filter and the Filter resonance in feedback mode with the assigned Macros and tweak the delay settings in the FX section whilst playing.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

new upload: Vowel Pad

Absynth 5 only - filesize 3,5 KB - zip folder contains the ksd - no samples used
Oscillators A+B in Double mode using the Factory vocal waves run through Bandpass filters which create a temposynced vowel sequence a-e-i-o-u in Retrigger mode, Osc two has an Offset of two beats, the Bandwidth of the Filters can be controlled by the assigned Macro. Osc C is run through a Cloudfilter, it's grains quantized in vowel mode adding a mysterious pad texture to the patch, the amount of "vowelness" is also controllable via a Macro. Another Cloudfilter in the Master Section and a Master Lowpass, use the x/y Macros to add Filter Feedback modulated by a Frequency shifter. Even more Macros assigned for further tweaking.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

new uploads: collection of Absynth 4 sounds

So for those of you who haven't upgraded to Absynth 5 yet and don't want to register on the NI website I have posted a selection of 18 patches programmed in Absynth 4 and uploaded in the NI User Library over the last year.

get them here:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Cloudfilter

Since Absynth 5 we have the new Cloudfilter in Absynth. It is the smaller brother of the Aetherizer in the FX section and follows the same concept of splitting up the input signal into small fragments which can then be furtherly processed. You can use it for a wide range of sound processing operations and when assigning Controls, envelopes and LFOs to it's numerous parameters it opens up a vast array of possibilities making your sounds become alive.
So use it for creating Lesley effects, warped rooms, shimmering overtone structures, chords (by quantizing the FIlter Modulation with the harmonic structure presets) or totally deranged chaotic textures. When you use them serially like feeding the signal of one Cloudfilter into the next (and maybe even the another one in the Master section) it becomes even more inetresting.
To be continued...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new upload: Waveplant Pad

Absynth 5 only - filesize 7 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (wav/48khz/24 Bit)
Huge evolving pad sound processing a sample I made (planted) with Synplant and MFM 2. Osc A+B in granular mode. You can cotrol the sample playback speed with a Macro. Osc A supplies the body of this patch and Osc B adds the shimmer. Osc C carries a looped part of the sample in normal sampler mode ading more shimmer 2 octaves higher, control it's volume and pitch with the assigned Macros. Modwheel adds detune to Osc A, even more Macros assigned for further tweaking. Fly away!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

new upload: Gamelan 7

Absynth 5 only - filesize 3,8 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (wav/48khz/24 Bit)
A gamelanish 7/8 loop I produced with metal samples in Kontakt/Logic temposynced to the host tempo via an envelope in retrigger mode. Accompanied by a deep sinewave dive and some step envelope controlled filter bees. Modwheel adds Ringmodulation to the loop, the sinedive pulsation can be modulated by a LFO/Macro. The FX Multicomb section is also controlled by a step envelope adding strange temposynced resonances. Check the Macro page for further tweaking possibilities, the Demo was played in realtime.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

new upload: Techno on Mars

Absynth 5 only - filesize 2 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (wav/48khz/24 Bit)
A sequence I made with pitched self resonating delays in More Feedback Machine 2 temposynced in granular mode, playback speed following the host tempo. Osc 1+2 carry the sample, twisted with Waveshapers and a Fequencyshifter, Osc 3 in single mode run through a LPF 8-pole Filter with it's feedback ringmodulated and controlled by an envelope adds a technoid bass grunge. The Aetherizer's wet paramter is also controlled by an envelope adding a pitched screamer effect between Beat 8-12, control the FX amount with the assigned Macro. You can control the Frequency shift of Loop 1 with the Modwheel, look on the Macro page for further Controls.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

new upload: Multiphonic Saxreps

Absynth 5 only - filesize 5,5 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and three mono samples (wav/48khz/24 Bit)
Three mono samples I made about 8 years ago with my old EMU 5000 Ultra Sampler sampling my soprano sax playing repeated Multiphonics. The Amplitude of the sax sound in Oscillator A determines Osc B Amp+Pitch and Osc C Amp.
Osc A+B are playing back as normal samples, Osc C is in granular mode. Osc A is fed through a Supercomb Filter feedbacking into a Frequency Shifter, when you turn the Mod Balance up with the assigned Macro it sounds more synthetic/less mellow and then the signal is routed into a Cloud Filter controlled by the Modwheel which is also assigned to the Balance of the Cloudfilter in the Master section.
Osc B is fed through a Frequency Shifter sounding like a chirping bird, you can control the Frequency shift with the assigned Macro. Osc C adds granular Multiphonics an octave higher shifting in pitch fed through an Allpass Filter in Feedback->Waveshaper mode, the feedback controlled by an envelope.
The controllable Aetherizer can add anything from smaller spaces to huge reverbs by tweaking the assigned Macros. The Demo was played in realtime tweaking almost all the assigned Controllers.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

new upload: Mad Max

A noisy/glitchy/chaotic/crazy sample I made with More Feedback Machine2 played back in granular mode. The playback speed is controlled by the Modwheel, the playhead position can be controlled with a Macro so you can drive this sound like a motorbike. A nasty Waveshaper at the fringe of overloading adds the necessary grunge to this patch, an additional Cloudfilter can be controlled with the assigned Macro, the FX section is also controllable in realtime. Don't play this sound near animals or sublimated human beings, they might get hurt! Demo was played in realtime...

get it here

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Audio Mod feature

One of Absynth's very cool features is the possibility to intermodulate parameters so that e.g. the amplitude/loudness of one Oscillator will affect other parameters, be it of the source Oscillator itself or a parameter of one of the other Oscillators. Try e.g. loading a loop with sharp transients into Osc 1 or make up a samplejump sequence slicing up a sample and then modulate the pitch, the filter Cutoff Frequency or any other parameter available in Channel B or C by using Osc A as the modulation source (see screenshot).
I will post some more patches making use of this great feature within the next days, I keep on using it, also in soundscapes and experimental sounds as it makes the patches become much more alive and dynamic.

new upload: 3band chord

Absynth 5 only - filesize 3,9 KB - zip folder contains the ksd - no samples used
A strange and mellow pad. Three Fractalize Oscillators run through differently tuned Bandpass filters, control their bandwidth with the assigned Macro. Some Ringmodulation added for each Oscillator creating strange undertones, then the resulting chord is fed through an Allpass and Cloud Filter and finally the Aetherizer adds some huge detuned and filtered space which can be shifted up an actave with a Macro. The Modwheel adds temposynced Filter Modulation. This patch is very touch sensitive and can create many different colours.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new upload: Chainstretchsitar

Absynth 5 only - filesize 14,3 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (48khz/24 Bit)
A sample from my piano destruction series treating the strings of a piano with a metal chain in granular mode, sample playhead position controlled by an envelope with many breakpoints, run through Supercombfilters. You can control their feedback with a Macro, so when set to lower levels or 0 you will just hear timestretched chain noises with no tonality. The Modwheel adds Cloudfilter and Ringmodulation, quite a lot of LFO action for phasing and subtle pitch modulation. The demo was played in realtime tweaking the available Macros. Have a good ride!

get it here:

Here is a track I made with this patch sending it through MFM2 by u-he:
Interstellar Spacedrone

Monday, November 9, 2009

Syncing loops with Absynth

Any of you who want to twist loops and beats with Absynth and don't know how to get them in sync, here is a quick guide:
*Set Oscillator to granular mode and load your loop
*Set start point to "100"
*On the Oscillator's Mod page Set Time% to "0", density and size should be set to lower levels which will produce less artefacts
*Now create a linear "ramp up" envelope in retrigger mode for the starting point of the sample (just control+click/right click into the field under start point and select "create new envelope) and set the envelope and retrigger length to the length of your loop, so if it is a 4 Bar loop draw the envelope from 0->100 over 16 beats (turn on the grid to check) and set retrigger to "16" beats
*Now the loop will follow the tempo set on the performance page and it will follow the host tempo when used as a Plug-In in a sequencer.
*If you want to reverse your loop just draw a "ramp down" envelope instead or draw a totally crazy envelope for the starting point if you aim at totally destroying the loop

new upload: Warped Bell sequence

Absynth 5 only - filesize 24,3 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (48khz/24 Bit)
A sample of a warped bell soundscape (osc A+B) in sample jump mode run through Supercombfilters. The feedback of the Supercomb is processed with Frequency shifters, you can control the feedback and frequency with the assigned Macros. Osc C adds a pulsating sinewave, it's volume controlled by the Modwheel, each time you hit a different key, the pitch will be randomized. The Aetherizer adds a shimmering pulse, it's output is controlled by a temposynced envelope and you can control the sequence volume with a Macro. The demo was played in realtime tweaking the available Controllers.

get it here:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

new upload: Junglepad

Absynth 5 only - filesize 21,8 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (48khz/24 Bit)
This mysterious patch processes a jungelish sample I made with Reaktor's Spark and mixes it with a gizmoish sound produced by an Osc in Double mode. All Macros are assigned, you can add Pulsation, control the speed of it, control the pitchmod of the gizmo and add more distorted jungle texture an octave higher. Modwheel controls the Cloudfilter's Balance. Demo will follow...

get it here:

new upload: FM Bass screamer

Absynth 5 only - filesize 3,9 KB - zip folder contains the ksd - no samples used
Fat Bass sequencer with 3 Oscillators running in retrigger mode. Modwheel adds screamer effect created by the Feedback of a Supercomb filter in Waveshaper mode, the waveshaping is morphed by a synced LFO. Master Cloud Filter and it's Cutoff can be controlled with Macros.

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new upload: Farewell pad

Absynth 5 only - filesize 3,3 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (48khz/24 Bit)
Osc 1 carries a flutish sample in granular mode and Osc 2 plays in Sync Granular mode, the Aetherizer adds a nice floating space to this pad. Quite a few Macros assigned.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

new upload: Alien wind

Absynth 5 only - filesize 14 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (48khz/24 Bit)
The sample of an electronic sound I made with Reaktor 5 (aliasing synth) twisted to it's boundaries. Channel A+C in granular mode carry that sample and Channel B with Oscillator in Sync granular mode adds it's share to this aetherized alien wind soundscape. This sound can produce extremely low frequencies so hook up your subwoofers and take care of yourself end your environment.

get it here:

new upload: Barreldrone

The sample of a rubber ball dragged over a metal barrel in granular mode with an envelope determining the position of the sample playback run through a cloudfilter and waveshaper. Osc 2/Channel B is controlled by the volume of Osc 1 and adds some shimmer to this patch. The Aetherizer adds strange morphing echoes, the Modwheel is assigned to the Balance of Cloudfilter 1.
Quite a few Macros assigned for you to control this Monster. MP3 Demo will follow..

get it here:

new upload: Metal Mallet Scape

Absynth 5 only - filesize 7,1 MB - zip folder contains the ksd an one sample.
The sample of a chord played with samples of a metal mallet roll combined with an Osc in FM mode. Lot's of Macros assigned - the demo was played in realtime using all the Macros and the Modwheel.

get it at:

First upload: metal pole scape

So I just uploaded the first patch to my new website. Here is a short description:

Absynth 5 only - filesize 5,5 MB - folder contains the ksd an two samples
The sample of a metal pole holding a street sign in granular mode. The sample playhead of Osc A is linked to an envelope following the host tempo so the faster the tempo the faster the sample will play. Osc C stretches the sample to it's extreme creating a strange metal pad sound. Osc B in double mode adds some shimmering components to the patch. Various Filters and Waveshapers do their job as well and the Resonators in the FX section add a huge space to the whole patch. Lot's of Macros assigned for further tweaking. MP3 Demo will follow...

get it at:

Welcome to

So I started a new website today where I will publish sounds for the legendary software synthesizer Absynth (by Native Instruments). For now all downloads are free of charge but I invite you all to use the paypal donation button at the top of the site.
Have a good flight with my Absynth sounds.