Monday, November 9, 2009

Syncing loops with Absynth

Any of you who want to twist loops and beats with Absynth and don't know how to get them in sync, here is a quick guide:
*Set Oscillator to granular mode and load your loop
*Set start point to "100"
*On the Oscillator's Mod page Set Time% to "0", density and size should be set to lower levels which will produce less artefacts
*Now create a linear "ramp up" envelope in retrigger mode for the starting point of the sample (just control+click/right click into the field under start point and select "create new envelope) and set the envelope and retrigger length to the length of your loop, so if it is a 4 Bar loop draw the envelope from 0->100 over 16 beats (turn on the grid to check) and set retrigger to "16" beats
*Now the loop will follow the tempo set on the performance page and it will follow the host tempo when used as a Plug-In in a sequencer.
*If you want to reverse your loop just draw a "ramp down" envelope instead or draw a totally crazy envelope for the starting point if you aim at totally destroying the loop

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