Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new upload: Gongswell Scape

Absynth 5 only - filesize 2,3 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (wav/48khz/24 Bit)
A sample I recored some weeks ago of a creshending tremolo played on two small asian gongs is used in Oscillator 1 set to granular mode. Sample playhead position/speed is controlled by a looped envelope, control the release time with the assigned Macro. This is run through a Cloudfilter (Balance controlled by the Modwheel) and a Combfilter with it's Resonance assigned to a Macro. Channel B is set to FM mode, Channel C to Double mode, both are run through envelope controlled BPFs and a LPF 8Filter. A Waveshaper and another Cloudfilter (Balance also assigned to the Modwheel) are found in the Master section before the signal hits the Resonators in the FX section. Check the LFO and Macro pages for further Modulation sources and targets.

get it here:

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