Saturday, September 11, 2010

new upload: Aviary

Absynth 5 only - filesize 16,3 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (wav/48khz/24 Bit)
A while ago I made some field recordings in a zoo. One of the recordings within an aviary full of Aras and other birds is utilized in this patch. Channel A processes the first half of this sample in Granular mode, sample playhead position is controlled by a looped envelope. Channel B processes the second half of the sample also in envelope-controlled Granular mode. Both channels use Cloudfilters, control the Cloud Balance with the Modwheel and the Cloud Resonance with Macro 5. Channel B additionally uses a Supercomb to add a vocoderlike texture which you will only hear if you turn up Macro 6 which controls the Comb's Resonance. You can also pitch the Supercomb down by an octave with Macro 7. Channel C uses an Oscillator in Fractalize mode with a self drawn wave, also processed by a Cloudfilter and a LPF 8 Pole Filter where the Cutoff is controlled by the volume of Channel A via the Audio Mod feature. A Ringmodulator and an Allpass Filter in the Master section process the signal furtherly before it hits the Aetherizer in the FX department. Control the Ringmod Balance with Macro 4 and the Allpass Resonance with Macro 8. The Aetherizer has 4 Macros assigned (9-12). The volume of each Channel can also be controlled with Macros 1-3. Please check the LFO and envelope page for more Modulation sources and targets.

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