Friday, August 26, 2011

quick tutorial for using envelopes for sample playhead control

This is the FAQ most often asked and many Absynth users don't seem to know about his feature:

Start from scratch - File->New Sound->set the Oscillator to Granular->select a sample->set start point to 100
click on the MOD tab->set time to 0%

Back to the Main tab->right click on "Start"->dropdown menue opens->at the bottom "Create new envelope" which will automatically take you to the new envelope display
Now draw your envelope, if you want it to temposync choose "Retrigger" mode and change view to "grid"

Note that you have more parameters in the oscillator's Mod tab for altering the sound, like RFreq for detuning fun, RTime for randomization of the grains timewise and RAmp for random amplitude modulation.

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