Tuesday, November 1, 2011

new upload: Fairy Tale Pad

Oscillators A+B use 2 samples I made by recording a fragment of a bunch of buskers in the streets of Munich and then stretching those fragments to the extreme with Paulstretch. Channel A runs in Sampler mode and processes the sample with an LFO-controlled Allpass Filter, control the Filter Resonance with Macro 5. Channel B running in Granular mode uses a Bandpass Filter, control the Bandpass Bandwith with Macro 6. Channel C runs in FM mode using a selfdrawn waveform processed by a Lowpass and a Cloudfilter. Control the Cloud Balance with Macro 7 and the Cloud Filter Hz with Macro 8. Each Channel has a Macro for volume control (2-4), the Waveshaper in the Master section can be controlled with Macro 1 to add saturation and the Cutoff of the Lowpass FIlter in the Master section is controllable with Macro 14. The Modwheel adds a strange pitch modulation. The Pipe FX in the FX section is controllable with Macros 9-12. Please check the envelope and LFO pages for modulation sources and targets.
The download folder contains the 2 samples and two patch formats: ksd (old Absynth) and nab (new Absynth).

get it here


  1. This is one of the most beautiful sounds I ever heard. I walk around everywhere(with my poor old minidisc recorder, no zoom or something better here, sadly enough) a real real lot, and even recorded Stra├čenmusiker in Heidelberg, Hamburg and Munich^^, but to use those gigabytes of sounds and all to get *such* fairy tale sounds....really hauntingly beautiful.

  2. Thank you Klemperer, field recordings indeed can be the most wondrous sources for sounddesigning - I love it...


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