Saturday, January 23, 2010

new upload: Warm Windpad

Absynth 5 only - filesize 1,2 MB - zip folder contains the ksd and one sample (mono/wav/48khz/24 Bit)
Oscillator A carries a melodic phrase I played on my Soprano sax. Set to granular mode it plays back ten times slower than the original recording so you hear the first note of the phrase for a long time. If you're patient enough you'll hear the rest of the phrase. This is processed by a Supercomb Filter with a lot of Feedback which is modulated by a morphing Frequency Shifter and then run through a LPF 8 Pole. Channel B uses a FM wave with two modified waves, FM Index controlled by an envelope, Osc Mod Morph controlled by a LFO. A LPF 8 Pole and a Cloudfilter furtherly process the signal. The warmth in this Pad is mainly generated in Channel C running a Double Oscillator processd by a LPF 8 Pole and a Waveshaper. All Channels have their seperate Macros for Volume control. A Cloudfilter and another PLF 8 Pole in the Master section add the final touches, control the Master Cutoff Frequency with the assigned Macro. The Modwheel adds a fast temposynced sawshaped Filter Modulation. A Pipe unit in the FX section adds the neccessary space. This patch is very touch sensitive so the more dynamic you play it the more alive it becomes. Check the LFO and envelope pages for further Modulation sources and targets. Happy padding!

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