Friday, January 1, 2010

To do list

Just a list of Absynth patches I want to finish/invent in the near future:

*Mouthbubble sequence - I recorded some bubbly sounds with my mouth very near to my U87 and made a complex temposynced sequence out of it using Sample jumps, the patch just needs some final touches and Macro assignments
*On Newyears day I took a long walk through the nearby woods with my field recorder, it's been snowing heavily and I captured some brilliant steps in the deep snow. I think these can be made into great soundscapes and rhythmical sequences.
*Dangergliss - a scifi sound derived from a Reaktor 5 sample which has been sitting in my todo folder for ages, still not satisfied with it but will finish it soon.
*Patches with processed soprano sax samples
*Patches with female vocal samples
*Some heavy and brutal sequencer patches
*Processed electric guitar patches

The next months are full of work, film music, radio play, workshops - but whenever I get to it (mostly at night or very early in the morning) I will feed my website with fresh sounds. More and more people are donating now since I changed the donation scheme, so it does actually work and I don't have to turn into an Online store.

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